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‘Smudge’, the Border Terrier with Fiona Hooper

Join Fiona Hooper for this 45 minute Arty Class to paint this cute dog called 'Smudge' using oil. Filmed live from England on 30 March 2021.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**

In this Arty class you will learn how to mix oil paint with a knife, load paint onto the knife, and dab to add highlights and details focusing on the Border Terriers eyes and ears.

Reference painting example:

Ref photo

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• Oil paints – Titanium white, cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow medium, raw sienna, burnt umber, French ultramarine blue

• Two or three different shape and size painting knives is useful, although Fiona often finds herself just using a favourite one! For painting it is advisable to use the type with a cranked handle to keep your hand away from the painting surface. A palette knife (with a straight blade) is useful for cleaning your palette. Fiona recommends metal painting knives rather than plastic.

• Palette – wooden, glass or disposable paper

• Paper towels or cotton rags – plenty!

• Support – stretched canvas 40 x 40 cms (16 x 16 ins)

• Easel

• Coloured pencil and / or charcoal for putting a few guide marks on your canvas.

• A small mirror may be useful.


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