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Buddy FAQs



What are SKA Buddies?

SKA has over 500 hours of content with around 100 professional artists in our online tutorial library. If new to our service, it can be a little overwhelming to know which artists and tutorials are right for you.


By selecting an SKA Buddy, they will spend some time understanding what level you are at with your art, as well as what subjects and mediums you are keen to develop. They will then recommend some of our art workshops that they feel will suit your ability and interests.


In addition to the art workshop being included in the price, your buddy will be on hand to help give feedback along the way.


What should I expect if I make a purchase?

• Approx 15 min introductory call with your chosen buddy.

Discuss your level of painting and what you wish to focus on to improve your art.

• One, 2-3 hour art workshop (standard price £30-40 if purchased separately).

Your buddy will recommend a small selection of workshops from our extensive library for you to choose. You don't have to choose one of their recommendations, but it's recommended.

• Once selected, you will receive a special unlock code from SKA. Once activated by you, you'll have 48hrs to paint along with the chosen workshop. Your buddy will be on hand if you have questions.

• Finally, after the tutorial, share you art online and get feedback (optional). This will help you build confidence and take your art to the next level.


What does it cost?

Price varies depending on the buddy, but is usually somewhere between £10-30. Since the price is controlled by the buddy, it can vary depending on availability, demand and experience.


Who are SKA Buddies?

These are professional and non-professional artists familiar with the SKA tutorial library and our roster of professional artists. SKA Buddies either run their own SKA art shop, or they are an SKA Patron level 3 and up.


Why become an SKA Buddy?

It’s fun and rewarding. You are introduced to people from different countries and cultures, all with a shared passion for art. You can learn more about your own art when you provide feedback to others. You can make a reasonable ongoing income. You can also build new, long term friendships.


If you are a Patron level 3+, you also get a free online shop for one year, worth over £250 (see below).

Do I get paid as a Buddy? How does this work financially?

Yes. As the Buddy, you choose what to charge the participant, depending on your availability and reputation. Prices tend to average out at around £10 - £30. In order to administer and unlock the tutorial for a period of time, SKA deducts a fee of £6 incl. vat from the amount charged, plus a small % margin on the remaining amount to cover increased card transaction costs etc.


Remember, access to the full length workshop recording is included in the price you charge. Therefore, it can be a fantastic deal for the participant!


I am interested. How do I become a Buddy?

If you already have a shop on the SKA platform, message your account manager. Alternatively, if you are a Patron level 3+, message us via the patreon app. We will send you an online form that we require completing, which includes information we need to showcase you on our buddies page.


Once we have received your information, if you are a Patron level 3+, we will set up your online art shop for free (usual setup price £258). You get your first years licence for free, then £108+VAT thereafter. You can cancel at any time.


Are there any other benefits to having an SKA shop?

Yes. In addition to collecting money for your mentorship, you can also choose to sell your original art or prints of your art on a range of high quality items. See here for examples. Our suppliers manufacture to order and ship direct, so you don’t have to do anything. You simply choose what price to sell items for, over and above our manufacture price. The difference after fees accumulates in your account funds, alongside your mentorship funds. For examples of existing art shops, see Debbie’s shop, Jane’s shop, Kriszta's shop and Latha’s shop.


If it’s a busy month and you don’t have time to buddy people, simply put the price up or deactivate the buddy item from your MANAGE ITEMS page from your shop admin dashboard. Reactivate when you’re available.


I’ve got my first participant, what next?

You should have been notified on email that you made a sale. Visit your shop admin dashboard and click ORDERS. From here you can view the participant details including phone and email address. Get in touch with them and arrange a suitable time for a call or a text chat. Via WhatsApp, for example, to avoid international call charges.


You should be familiar with our tutorial video library. In fact, if you are an SKA Patron level 3+, you will have full access to the recordings already. Based on the discussion you have with the participant, we’d recommend that you send a few suggestions to the participant (copy & paste the link to the class info page of each workshop you discuss/recommend). You can also suggest one of our art courses from our courses page, should you wish.


Once a suitable tutorial or course has been chosen, let us know and we’ll send the participant a special unlock code. This code will give them access for 48hrs.


As an SKA Buddy, is it useful to build up my profile?

Yes. The more positive feedback you collect from your participants, the more people will choose you to become their mentor. The more interest you get, the more you can choose to charge.


We would highly recommend collecting feedback from your participants. Once you have signed up your first participant, we will send you a short feedback form link that you can share with them, asking them for feedback.


Wishing you every success as a Buddy. Have fun!

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