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SKA Patrons

Becoming an SKA Patron is the best way to have fun while improving your art and connecting with like-minded people around the world.


You receive complimentary invites to our 1hr live art classes throughout the month. Access to our patron community chat. Plus, amazing discounts and access to our extensive video library.

Join from as little as £5 per month or pay for the year upfront and save 10%. You can cancel at any time.

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Depending on your Patron level, you can unlock hours of tutorials to watch from our video library. You can also enjoy our curated online art courses.

Learn from amazing art tutors around the world. Receive special discounts from publishers and art suppliers. And so much more. See benefits table below.

Need help signing up on Patreon?

Watch John sign himself up here >

Need help changing your level?

Visit support >

Patron Level Benefits

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Monthly Benefits
Level 1 (£5)
Level 2 (£25)
Level 3 (£50)
Level 4 (£75)
Patron WhatsApp
Live 1hr Art Classes
Workshop Discounts
Workshop Video Upgrade
All 1hr Class Videos
Live 2-3hr Workshop Entry
All Workshop Videos
Attend Everything

* Patron membership displayed excludes VAT that will be applied at checkout

Don't take our word for it...

"Being a Patron has been the best investment I’ve made recently, I feel as though I’m getting excellent value for money.  I’ve never painted so much in my life and I’m loving it!  Such a fabulous hobby.  I love the variety of artists and styles - some suit more than others of course, but always good to try; it has no doubt pushed me as an artist and dare I say it, I can see an improvement!"

Debbie Rowley, Patron since June 2020


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