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We are passionate about supporting artists and communities by harnessing their creativity and helping them monetise their time.


Historically, we created an online education tool used by thousands of teachers to share lesson plans across Europe, bought by Microsoft in 2004. We then launched the very first online school uniform business in 2005 with the co-founders of ASOS. Then, in 2009 we set up the Tesco embroidery service and helped bring down the cost of schoolwear essentials for over 1,000,000 parents across the UK.


Since 2016, we developed ShopKeepEasy - a community shop platform, making it easy to sell a range of items that help raise money for schools and clubs, as well making it easy to launch entrepreneurial ventures.

ShopKeepArty uses this platform to support established as well as up and coming artists.


So far, we have helped generate funds of almost £1m for our community enterprises. Now you can join in and benefit yourself. Simply register your interest today, and we'll send you the necessary info to get started.

We have built an online platform that enables you to create your own online shop, but takes care of the hassle. You can choose to design & sell items that we manufacture and ship direct and/or you can sell products that you hold in stock.


You can collect donations for causes with gift aid built in. You can collect money for tickets, events or subscriptions. Basically, anything that your customers or supporters might need or want to pay for, they can do it in one place with one simple checkout. Easy! 

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