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Find out about our video types and how you can access them.

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Our Tutorial Videos

We broadcast and record a number of webinars throughout the month to help you develop as an artist. These may include 45min Arty Classes, 1hr Arty or 'Patron' Specials, 2-3hr Workshops and Arty Inspired interviews.

Although you can search these recordings on our Video Library, your ability to watch them depends on a number of factors as explained below.

45min Arty Classes


These live shows are usually free to join via our 'Live Events' section.


Our recordings are for Patrons only however, we allow anyone to watch the recording free, for 30 days from the date of broadcast.

1hr Specials Classes & Arty Inspired Shows


These live shows are specifically for our Patrons who get sent a free invite for each event. We also allow non-Patrons to join these live shows by purchasing a one-off ticket for £6. This does not include the video. The full recording can only be watched by our Patrons.


Joining as a Patron starts at only £5/month and gives free access to these shows & the recordings throughout the entire month. We hope this fact encourages people to give our Patron community a try, instead of making a one-off purchase. Even if they join for just one month, they will save money!

2-3hr Workshop Webinars


Workshop webinars provide you with our ultimate and immersive learning experience. They typically last for 2-3hrs (sometimes a bit longer) and walk you through creating entire paintings, step-by-step, with leading art teachers and professional artists.


There are two ways that you can watch these recordings:

• Purchase Individual Workshops

If you want to purchase a workshop video, click the BUY VIDEO button on our video library. This will take you to the artists shop. If you need help purchasing, you can watch this help video here >

IMPORTANT: Once you have purchased the video, we need to unlock it for you so that when you press the blue 'WATCH' button, it plays for you. After purchase, visit our unlock form and complete your details. We endeavour to unlock it within 48hrs.

• Watch Workshops as a Patron

If you are a Patron Level 5 and up, simply find a Workshop video you want to watch and click the black 'WATCH' button. That's it!

Watching as a Patron


Our website works together with to deliver a time-saving, enjoyable and seamless experience when you want to watch recordings.

We highly recommend that you remain logged in to your account so that the art tutorials launch instantly when you press the black 'WATCH' button. Enjoy!

If you have any further questions, please email Sarah