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Workshop: 'Larry' the Whippet with Fiona Hooper

Join oil artist Fiona Hooper for this lovely 2-3 hours workshop, painting a dog portrait with various painting knives. Filmed live on 6th April 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

In this workshop Fiona will guide you in drawing Larry the Whippet on a blank canvas using a reference photograph, and then take you through the stages and techniques resulting in a completed portrait.

Techniques to be covered will include:

  • How to mix the paint with a knife

  • Creating texture effects

  • Dragging colours into each other

  • Painting sharp lines

  • Scraping back to correct errors or add detail

  • Painting on top of wet paint

  • Dabbing to add details and highlights

  • Broken colour effects

  • Ways of applying the paint to create the effects of fur, eyes, nose and ears.”

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Example painting

Ref photo

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials list

• Oil paints – Titanium white, permanent alizarin crimson, raw sienna, burnt umber, French ultramarine blue

• Two or three different shape and size painting knives is useful, although Fiona often finds herself just using a favourite one! For painting it is advisable to use the type with a cranked handle to keep your hand away from the painting surface (see image below). A palette knife (with a straight blade) is useful for cleaning your palette. Fiona recommends metal painting knives rather than plastic.

• Palette – wooden, glass or disposable paper

• Paper towels or cotton rags – plenty!

• Support – stretched canvas 40 x 40 cms (16 x 16 ins)

• Easel

• Coloured pencil and / or charcoal for putting a few guide marks on your canvas. A small mirror may be useful.

Example painting knife with cranked handle


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