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Lake District 'expressions' with Robert Dutton

Join professional artist Robert Dutton for this exciting Special Arty Class using a photo of Grange in Borrowdale, situated in the Northern part of the Lake District (a place Robert frequently returns to to paint). Filmed live on 28th January 2021.


Watch this Arty Class:


Robert will teach you how to combine acrylic inks and soft pastel in an expressive way to loosen up your technique, let your ideas flow and relate to your subject in a contemporary way, much more than simply depicting it.

The end result will combine washes of beautiful free flowing drawn and painted base colours with layers of pastels on top to give real depth and surface interest to your painting. Using the tooth of the paper to great effect, eye catching expressive textures will really stand out, adding another exciting dimension to your painting.

See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Media Acrylic ink and soft pastel

Recommended materials list:

Fixative (Unison Colour brand highly recommended) Soft and hard pastels. Unison Colour soft pastels and Royal Talens Rembrandt pastels in combination to give both soft and a more ‘harder’ mark when pastel painting Robert will be using a selected range of Unison Colours from his ‘Moorland Set’ and the ‘Midnight Set’ of 8 rich darks - another set of Unison colour soft pastels but use your own light and dark shades to get a feel for the techniques with close as you can colour matches in Roberts finished mixed media painting Robert will be using a range of his acrylic ink palette as follows. The bold ones are the ones which are highly recommended you should have: Acrylic inks - any brand. Highly recommended Liquitex/ Royal Talens Amsterdam inks or Daler-Rowney acrylic inks in the following colours: Indigo, Brilliant Green, Viridian Green Ultramarine Blue Lemon Yellow Transparent Burnt Sienna Cobalt Blue Cerulean Blue Crimson White acrylic ink ESSENTIAL - any brand Watercolour paper - 300gsm (140lb) ‘not' surface 100% cotton rag. Robert will be using Canson Heritage ‘not’ 300gsm (140lb), size recommended 20 x 22 inches 51 x 56cm or a size you wish to work with. Kitchen roll Spray diffuser Hair dryer Water and water pots and mixing wells deep enough for fluid ink washes over large areas Soft 6B Graphite stick or similar Big brushes are essential. See Robert Dutton's Recommended Brushes on Patreon Thin A4 (or similar) photocopy paper for masking techniques Upright easel, drawing board and strong clips (such as bulldog clips) to secure your paper to the board


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