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Journaling Nature with John Muir Laws

With your host John

Watch the Premier re-release here at 3:30PM (UK time), Thursday 13th January

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Join worldwide leader, innovator and educator of the nature journaling movement - John Muir Laws - for this 1 hour special webinar, where you will explore nature journaling using a natural object of your own choosing. Broadcast live from California on 11 November 2021.

NOTE FROM SKA: This is a class to help with all types of art as it's a class to help you observe in detail, to slow down, observe, discover, see and embrace intentional curiosity. It's all about skill development that can be utilised in each and every art form!


In this short prelude to a longer workshop webinar, John will introduce the key elements of nature journaling as we explore and describe an interesting found natural object on our journal pages. See what you need to bring below.

Keeping an illustrated, observational journal is a centuries-old method that has been re-envisioned and refined through the lens of our understanding of neuroscience, learning, and deliberate practice.

A nature journal is a lens that focuses our attention and crystallises our observations, thoughts, and experiences. Nature Journaling is collecting and organising your observations, questions, connections, and explanations on the pages of a notebook using words pictures, and numbers.

You do not need to be an artist or a naturalist to begin. These skills can be learned by anyone, and you can develop them with deliberate practice. The system is creative, rigorous, and playful, easy to begin and learn, and will grow and mature over a lifetime. Start now: you can do this, and the world is waiting. Nature Journaling will enrich your experiences and develop observation, curiosity, gratitude, reverence, memory, and the skills of a naturalist. It helps you discover, think, remember, and integrate new information with your existing knowledge. Train your mind, and the world will offer you its secrets of wonder and beauty.

Example journal pages:

Example photo from actual class:

Recommended materials

Bring a notebook or journal, your favourite drawing or writing materials (no need to get anything special for this class, just what you like to use), and an interesting natural object. This could be a mushroom, something from the garden, an odd vegetable, a leaf, a flower, or a feather.


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