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Workshop: Nature Journaling with John Muir Laws

With your host John


Join artist John Muir Laws for this long awaited 2-3hr workshop webinar to open curiosity and creative thinking through Nature Journaling. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from California on 18 January 2022.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


In this workshop you will explore how to incorporate words, pictures, and numbers into playful and rich nature journal pages. Explore how to draw moving animals and how to draw landscapes in minutes. How can you make diagrams and cross sections to accurately describe the wonder you find in nature? How can you use labels, titles, and icons to make your pages easier to read and understand? How do numbers change the way you think and what are the best ways to bring them into your nature study?

These techniques are fun and appropriate for ages from kids to adults. Learn how nature journaling can be a door to discovery for you and your family. Be inspired!

Journaling examples

Materials Top-Up

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You do not need to buy a special set of supplies for this workshop. Bring your own nature journal and your favourite drawing and colouring supplies. John will demonstrate his favourite field supplies and how they work and you many want to augment your own field kit after seeing his demonstrations. Media will include, pen, pencil, watercolour gouache and coloured pencils.


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