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Exploring a forests atmosphere and light with Derric van Rensburg

Join internationally renowned artist Derric van Rensburg, for this Special Arty Class. Filmed live from South Africa on 25th Feb 2021.


Watch this Arty Class Special:


This Special acrylic Arty Class will focus on a simple landscape forest and will teach you how to not "over-think"! The texture and tonal value of trees and foliage will be the focus with a hint of sky filtering through.

You will learn how to apply a brush texture very simply to a canvas and use brushes as tools to create texture and atmosphere.

See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Suggested preparation: Using a varnishing brush, apply a soft colour (such as oche/ yellow mixed with white) to the canvas and allow to dry. The use of a varnishing brush sets the scene for a textured outcome.

Recommended materials list

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Canvas: Approximately 40x60 cm, however, any rectangular shaped canvas is sufficient

Paint: Any acrylic paint with the approximate colours mentioned below. South African brands include Zellen or Schub. International brands include Lukas or Daler Rowney. The table below lists the paint pigments needed (examples given in two different brands).

Zellen Cobalt blue is very different from other brands of Cobalt blue (try and source a different brand for this particular workshop)

Brushes: Flat nylon bristle (1 or 2 inch), smaller flat nylon bristle, Rigger brush (no. 1 if possible), varnishing brushes for rough textures etc. The varnishing brushes are very useful in a variety of width sizes and inexpensive. Other: Stanley blade, palette sheet/ glass/ small white board to mix colours on, spray bottle of water (optional)


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