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Easter Daffodil with Jane Betteridge

Join Jane Betteridge for this Easter themed 45 minute Special Arty Class. Filmed live from the UK on 25th March 2021.

In this Special Arty class you will learn how to use paint and ink in a loose contemporary style to create a stunning Daffodil.


**See Reference and recommended materials below**

Painting example:

Photo ref

Recommended materials list

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• Watercolour paper roughly 20cm x 20cm square

• Watercolour Paints

Cadmium Lemon (SAA)

Bright Violet (ShinHan)

Luna Blue (Dan Smith)

Green Appetite Genuine (Dan Smith)

Leaf Green (ShinHan)

**Please note, these are the colours Jane will be using but you can use any similar colours, it really isn’t important that they are exactly the same

• Acrylic Inks

Lemon Yellow

purple Lake


• Granulation Medium & Pipette

• Masking Tape

• Selection of watercolour brushes


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