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Workshop: Fly Away with Jane Betteridge

Join popular artist Jane Betteridge for this relaxing 2-3 hour dandelion workshop. Filmed live from England on 1st April 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

Jane will teach you how to create a contemporary, atmospheric background with watercolours, inks and granulation medium before embarking on the dandelion using white acrylic ink.

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Example paintings

Ref photo:

Recommended materials list

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• Paper

Size 46cm x 46cm, good quality watercolour paper. Jane is using Saunders Waterford 300lb, high white, with a ‘Not’ surface. If using 140lb she recommends stretching your paper first onto a board to prevent cockling as you will be working quite wet. You can change the format to portrait if you wish and adjust the size of paper you use accordingly.

• Watercolour Paint

Cadmium Lemon (SAA)

Sap Green (SAA)

Indian Yellow (SAA)

Bright Violet (ShinHan)

Indigo (ShinHan)

Lunar Blue (Daniel Smith)

Please note, you do not have to buy these specific colours, anything similar will be perfectly fine, in fact you could chose a whole new array of colours if you wish.

• Acrylic Ink (FW)

Purple Lake


NOTE: It is very important to get the white ink to paint the dandelion. Gouache would be too thick to get the fine detail.

• A bottle of Granulation Medium (Winsor & Newton). This is important if you want to achieve the granulation effect in the background but not essential.

• A pipette

• A selection of watercolour brushes, including a large wash brush and a fine rigger

• Kitchen roll

• A plate, the size you want your dandelion to be


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