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Dungeness Introduction with Helga Picknell

Join Helga Picknell for a Patron-only Arty Class to discuss her upcoming workshop entitled Dungeness using mixed media, and undertake a smaller but similar topic on Dungeness. Filmed live on 10th Sept '20.

See Reference picture for this Arty Class and materials list below.

Recommended Materials:

This is another Dungeness painting.

My work is semi abstract and is a collage within a collage.

I  will try and demonstrate as much as I can on Thursday.

I used:

A canvas 30x30

A radiator roller

Acrylic paint

PVA glue

Glaze medium


Iridescent rich copper (fluid acrylic) but any acrylic metal will be fine

Aqua bronze copper

If people want to take part, I suggest having a look online for a printout of Dungeness


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