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Workshop: Dungeness with Helga Picknell

Join Helga Picknell for a 2hrs+ Exclusive Workshop to create Dungeness using mixed media.

This will take place on 17th Sept at 3:30pm.

Once aired, you can watch the video of the live session by clicking the unlocked video below - or watch for free via our Patreon platform if you are at the applicable level. You can also unlock it below by purchasing it on the artists shop here:

See Workshop Reference picture and recommended Arty Class materials below.

Recommended Materials:

A canvas ( I used 50x50 cm)

Sponge (Small washing up sponge)

A small radiator roller

Bits of water watercolour paper ( offcuts) or packaging



Craft knife



Cutting board


Photocopies of pictures they can find on line of Dungeness

Magazine for collage work

PVA glue

Something to crush the dried eggshells with


Soft pastel, some sticks or soft pastel pencil

Bits of string

Acrylic paint and brushes

Aqua bronze (I used  bronze ) 

Spray bottle

Mixing pallet

Some lids from jars/ bottle tops

Pallet knife

Masking tape


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