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Creating a Fabric Landscape with Katy Rundle

Join Textile artist Katy Rundle for this 45 minute first ShopKeepArty Textile Arty Class. Filmed live from the UK on 13th April 2021.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**

In this Arty class Katy will walk you through creating a stunning sunset textile piece, exploring tonal values in fabrics, how to use bondaweb and how do a simple appliqué with stitch.

Example art:

Ref photo

Materials and instructions

One piece of backing plain cotton such as calico 20x20cm

6 different ‘coloured’ fabrics. 20 cm square of each is plenty. Patterned (a small pattern best or batik) or plain ‘light weight‘ (quilting cotton is ideal) fabric will work.

Katy will use the following colours but you can chose others, taking inspiration from the reference photo;

Dark grey/blue

Medium grey/blue

Light grey




N.B. Make sure all fabric is backed with Bondaweb prior to the class

Sharp fabric scissors

Small sharp scissors for detail cutting Hot iron to fix the fabrics to the backing piece

Sewing machine with free embroidery foot

N.B.Participants will need to have practiced some stitching up and down a piece of fabric in advance of the class. Alternatively hand stitching can be started in the class and continued after.

Two thread colours - a light colour for the sky and darker for the sea.

Katy uses a variegated lilac and a variegated blue. Yellow and a grey/purple would also work with the fabric colours.


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