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Workshop: 'An Apple a Day' with Katy Rundle

Join Textile artist Katy Rundle with a lovely 2-3 hours textile workshop. Filmed live from England on 20th April 2021.

In this workshop Katy will guide you in how to make a stunning fabric collage of an apple with free motion embroidery.


See reference and recommended materials below:

The pattern has been provided for speed in the class but if you would like to do your own apple drawing and map out a pattern before the class, please do go ahead.

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Example art

Ref photo

Example pattern

Materials & instructions

6 pieces of fabric 20 cm square - 4 of similar colour but different tones for the apple, and 2 contrasting for the background.

PLUS a piece of plain cotton backing fabric to fix the whole composition to. This will add stability for the stitching.

Bondaweb to back your fabrics. Fix the bondaweb to the back of each square of fabric prior to the class.

Thread to match the colours of fabrics 1, 2, 3 and 4

Sewing machine with free motion embroidery foot OR needle (to work by hand - the stitching will not be completed in the 3 hours, but can continue in your own time)

Sharp small fabric scissors

General scissors for paper cutting

Erasable quilting pen for drawing round pattern pieces (or any pencil that will work on fabric)

Ironing board and hot iron

Key to pattern above

1 - Lightest tone fabric for highlights

2 - Next lightest tone

3 - Mid tone fabric

4 - Darkest tone fabric for the apple

5 - Background ‘contrast’ colour fabric 20x20cm square

6 - Darker background fabric for shadow

Any colour or patterned fabric can be used. Katy has used red/orange/pink/purple for the apple but it could be shades of green or yellow or any other you fancy.

Katy recommends using thin cotton fabrics, such as those used for quilting. If you wish (or need) to buy new fabrics, a ‘fat quarter’ quilters pack would be perfect as they are usually complimentary colours and patterns. Each piece of fabric needs to be no larger than 20 cm square for this project.

Print out the pattern twice. One to cut up and one as reference for where each piece fits. Keep the backing paper of the bondaweb for tracing the pattern. Or use tracing paper/baking parchment.


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