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Capturing the magic light (prelude) with Les Darlow

Join professional artist Les Darlow for this informative, Special Arty Class that will walk you through interpreting a photograph, using pastel. Filmed live on 17th December 2020.

Les will be walking you through "Interpreting a photograph", altering values and colour temperatures to create Depth, recession and colour harmony. He never copies Photographs but uses them for inspiration to create a painting based on Light, Energy and Movement. You will simplify and re-arrange the composition below to make it work much better.

See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Recommended materials list:

• 1 Sheet Canson Touch Sand Colour preferred although light blue or grey possible

Suggested size 350mm x 350mm - 400mm roughly, Although students can work smaller if they so wish

• 1 Black Conte Crayon, or Black Pastel Pencil (Dark Brown, Dark Purple, Dark Blue) optional

• Pastels, I'll be using Unison and Rembrandt maybe some Jacksons hard pastels A mix. (brand not essential but Unison Preferred).

• Colours

A49 from the Unison Range, It's a very Dark Prussian Blue, (almost Black) Preferred.

A range of Blues Violets, A light turquoise

Light Violet

Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Burnt Sienna

Red Brown

Deep Red Wine colour

Orange Tint

Yellow Ochre

Warm peach colour

some light Yellows

• ALL yellow must be Red/Orange Bias not green Bias

• A pastel pencil to draw a few marks on paper for layout.


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