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Workshop: Capturing the magic light with Les Darlow

Join professional artist Les Darlow. Filmed live from England on 5th January 2021.


**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

In this workshop, Les will be expanding on his Arty Class, explaining all the simple processes he goes through to create a painting. Copying photographs does not really help you develop as an artist, one has to practice mark making and techniques. This workshop will help you look again at the way you put those marks on the paper and try and create more light in your work.

Paintings can often look flat without good light, but this is easy to overcome being an artist. Once a sky is painted, he will help you relate this to all parts of your painting.

Les will also explain his choice of pastel, papers and why these are so important. Each paper requires a little more thought as to how to use the pastel. You will also look at blending techniques. But most of all, creating a painting with creative mark making rather than a copy.

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See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Recommended materials list:

• 1 Sheet Canson Touch Sand Colour preferred although light blue or grey possible

Suggested size 350mm x 350mm - 400mm roughly, Although students can work smaller if they so wish

• 1 Black Conte Crayon, or Black Pastel Pencil (Dark Brown, Dark Purple, Dark Blue) optional

• Pastels, I'll be using Unison and Rembrandt maybe some Jacksons hard pastels A mix. (brand not essential but Unison Preferred).

• Colours

A49 from the Unison Range, It's a very Dark Prussian Blue, (almost Black) Preferred.

A range of Blues Violets, A light turquoise

Light Violet

Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Burnt Sienna

Red Brown

Deep Red Wine colour

Orange Tint

Yellow Ochre

Warm peach colour

some light Yellows

• ALL yellow must be Red/Orange Bias not green Bias

• A pastel pencil to draw a few marks on paper for layout.


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