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Alla prima landscape with Iris Babao Uy

With your host John

Join artist Iris Babao Uy for this relaxing 1 hour Art Class webinar to paint an alla prima landscape using watermixable oils * Details below * Broadcast live from the Philippines on 26 April 2022.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


In this prelude to her full, 2-3 hour workshop webinar, paint along with Iris to learn how to effectively work with watermixable oils and mediums to create vibrant oil paintings in alla prima style. A great class, whether you have already worked with this medium or would like to use it for the first time!

** Please note Iris has pre recorded the finished painting and will do a voice over as she shares her screen on the 26th at real time so you can paint along.

Useful links:

Ref painting

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 1 pc good quality 9 x 12 canvas on panel. Gesso primed

• PAINTS: WMO Paints (at least basic set of 12) / WMO Mediums - Wmo painting medium or linseed oil

Recommended: Cobra, Daniel Smith, winsor Artisan, Holbein

Iris' general palette contains the following colours - lemon yellow / cadmium yellow / vermillion hue / cadmium red medium / alizarin crimson permanent / ultramarine blue / cobalt blue / sap green / viridian / yellow ochre / burnt sienna / raw umber / paynes gray / titanium white

Paint right out of the tube top row, 2nd row mixed with titanium white to create tints of the colours. Bottom two colours are ultramarine and aliz crimson mix on the left. Plus titanium white on the right.

• BRUSHES: Filbert brushes in synthetic Sable and synthetic hog. Small medium and large

• OTHER: Palette (recommended grey glass or disposable paper palettes grey colour if possible / container for water / container for mediums / palette knife for mixing paints / rags (cotton) or thick tissue like kitchen towels


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