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Workshop: Alla Prima Still Life with Iris Babao Uy

With your host John

** Watch the short intro video below **


Join popular artist Iris Babao Uy for this 2-3hr workshop webinar to paint as still life in alla prima style using watermixable oils. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from the Philippine's on 12 May 2022.


**See reference photo, sketch and recommended materials below**


Join Iris in this workshop to learn how to effectively work with watermixable oils and mediums, creating vibrant oil paintings alla prima. Iris will walk you through step by step, explaining the brush work and layering techniques required allowing you to create realistic pieces while still working wet on wet and alla prima.


Example painting

Reference photo

Canvas preparation

(We recommend toning your canvas to a raw Sienna or a transparent brownish colour. Then sketch the drawing using a thin acrylic paint or a thin oil paint, as below)

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 1 pc good quality 9 x 12 canvas on panel. Gesso primed

• PAINTS: WMO Paints (at least basic set of 12) / WMO Mediums - Wmo painting medium or linseed oil

Recommended: Cobra, Daniel Smith, winsor Artisan, Holbein

Iris' general palette contains the following colours - lemon yellow / cadmium yellow / vermillion hue / cadmium red medium / alizarin crimson permanent / ultramarine blue / cobalt blue / sap green / viridian / yellow ochre / burnt sienna / raw umber / paynes gray / titanium white

• BRUSHES: Filbert brushes in synthetic Sable and synthetic hog. Small medium and large

• OTHER: Palette (recommended grey glass or disposable paper palettes grey colour if possible / container for water / container for mediums / palette knife for mixing paints / rags (cotton) or thick tissue like kitchen towels


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