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Keen amateur artist; dabble in all media

Regarding education, having graduating with a BSc Hons with Open University, I continued with them to do a photography course which gave me a good grounding in digital photography and editing with Adobe Photoshop (Elements). I have also completed some OU language courses in French and Spanish.


As for my art background, I passed an Art 'A' Level and have always had some arts and/or crafts activities going on throughout my life. I am very happy to say that many of my artworks have ended up on the walls of friends or family who have deemed them worthy of framing and displaying them.


I have done numerous art courses throughout the years; dabbled in all the media and genres of Art that are available in the SKArty backlog. I am particularly drawn to working in pastels and find I have had the most success with the medium. I love watercolours but still haven't managed to tame that particular beast (nor do I ever expect to!) I am currently looking to dabble further in acrylics, oils and machine stitching artworks/thread painting.


Always learning; experimenting and looking for the next project. I have been a SKArty patron for about a year now and have experienced and thoroughly enjoyed many of the workshops that are now on offer in the backlog catalog.


If you want a buddy with which to begin your art journey - I will be happy to be the companion to travel along with you. I have access to the video backlog and want to try them all just as I imagine you do. However, it is good to hone down the choice and find some focus. I will help you do that once we have had our chat to determine where it is you want to go with your art. Let's get that ticket and get this train rolling - where to guvnor?!

Buddy Feedback:

Awaiting first buddy-up feedback

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