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Young Leopard Cub, with Angela Gaughan

With your host John

Join artist Angela Gaughan for this delightful 45min Art Class webinar to explore the tones and drawing of a young leopard cub. * Details below * Broadcast live from England on 6 September 2022.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


We are delighted that artist Angela Gaughan is joining us for a prelude to her attendance at the Search Press Artist & Author expo in September 2022.

Angela will commence the young leopard cub with a graphite drawing and then will use an Inktense pencil “Ink Black “ to darken down all the darkest darks which provides the tonal base to work into. During this short class, Angela will heavily concentrate on the eyes as this immediately makes the animal come to life.

Due to the time it takes for Angela to prepare sketches, we do not anticipate this class to be a paint-along session. Simply sit down, relax, watch and ask questions!

Useful links:

  • Find out more about the related Patchings event (coming soon)

  • After the live event, you can download any reference images and watch the complete, ad-free recording as an SKA Patron (level 3 and up) via our Video Library.

Example of Angela's artwork

Reference photo

Class painting

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended Materials

Tea: Make a cuppa to have yourself as you enjoy this show :)


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