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Workshop: Wine tasting in San Diego, with Gabriel Stockton

With your host John


Purchase this full length, two hour art tutorial video with artist Gabriel Stockton from California to paint a San Diego wine tasting scene (wine optional!). ** Details below **


**See reference photo and recommended materials below**


Join Gabriel Stockton for a 'wine tasting' scene from San Diego, California (wine optional during workshop!). Whilst looking at the theme of “Visual stories Bring New Discoveries” Gabriel will go over why the art material is needed to create this any and successful watercolour painting.

Gabriel will guide you in how to paint atmosphere: light, shadows and how to create a sense of breath in your paintings. If your paintings go flat and muddy, this workshop is for you as lots of preventative tips will be given.

Gabriel asks that you please bring your smiles and hunger to learn watercolour when undertaking this workshop.

Example painting


Reference photo

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: Fabiano paper 100% cotton at 300 grams/140 lbs. Cold press or Rough

• PAINTS: Watercolours -

• BRUSHES: 1 Mop (Aquario #14), 1 round ("Perla” #10 or 12)

synthetic ULTIMO #12

• OTHER: - Paint palette / Soft pencil led (3b, 4b, 5b, no H’s) Mechanical Pencil / White masking tape / A backing of light wood, large enough for your ¼ paper size / Paper towels / Kneaded eraser/Spray bottles / Water container & Water / Sketch book


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