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Workshop: Watercolour Proteas with Willie Schlechter

With your host Anne

At 3:30PM (UK time) on Wednesday 10th November join watercolour botanical artist Willie for this beautiful study and painting of a Proteas. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from South Africa. Further details below. Visit our video library after the event to purchase or visit Willie's shop here.


(link + downloadable reference photos sent day before event)


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Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials

**Patrons get the full video for free**

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In this delightful workshop you will be painting a Protea repens (Sugarbush) in a traditional botanical style with watercolour on paper. Willie will guide you through various stages of mixing paint and building up a painting, firstly using several layers of watercolour washes, while paying careful attention to the rendering of edges in order to achieve soft transitions and three-dimensionality.

Emphasis will be placed on the use of a limited colour pallet, mainly the three primary colours, Lemon Yellow, Winsor Blue and Permanent Rose and how this creates vibrancy and balance in a painting. The mixing of neutral tints for shading, using the same three colours, will be explained and demonstrated.

Finally, the use of dry brush will be demonstrated to create details and surface textures. You will become knowledgeable in the optical mixing of colours, the importance of light and contrast in tonal values to emphasise three-dimensionality and the different methods to apply watercolours to achieve various results.



For those attending the live event, once you've completed your painting, we will use our platform to create a scatter cushion that you can choose to purchase from our arty store, in time for Christmas.

The creation charge will be free, with no obligation to purchase. If you do want to purchase, prices start from £21 for a small cushion and they come in 3 sizes.

This is totally optional, but a lovely gift for a special someone (or maybe even yourself!).


Painting reference

Photo reference

Line sketch

For the live workshop, please have the outline of this image lightly drawn onto watercolour paper. No shading, just a very light outline is necessary.

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: A4 – A3 Arches Hot Pressed 300g watercolour paper (not necessary to stretch)

• PAINTS: Winsor & Newton Artist Watercolours in a tube or Meimeri, or Sennelier (Winsor and Newton Cotmans are less good paint, but OK for beginners) Lemon Yellow/ Winsor Blue (red shade) OR French Ultramarine Blue /Permanent Rose/Burnt Sienna

• BRUSHES: One No.4 size Rotmarder-Kolinsky 3338.04-0590 or Raphael Series 8404 or W&N Series 3A kolinsky sable with a fine point.

• OTHER: A palette, preferably with six or more wells (new ones need to be scrubbed with Vim to make them less slippery) or a white plate/ a soft eraser/ a soft, fine cotton cloth - an old hanky or pillowslip (not polyester)/ a sturdy board to lean or table easel/ a water jar


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