Workshop: Watercolour Portrait from Life with Aine Divine

Join award winning portrait artist Aine Divine and Olympic Gold & Silver medallist Callum Skinner, for a 2hrs+ live model portrait workshop webinar. Filmed live on 22nd October 2020.

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**See what you'll learn, workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

Please note: If you're new to this (or you're a friend/fan of Callum and giving this a shot for the first time), please see alternative materials in note below.

Personal message from Aine:

"I'm delighted to share with you this first love of mine as a painter; The process of making a watercolour portrait direct from life, and without drawing first.

It's quite an adventure, and will appeal to anyone that wants to experience the joys of painting in this way. You are very welcome to join me as we navigate the way!

I love the drama possible with this medium and the places it takes me to when I steady myself in front of a model and make my response in paint. I've outlined the materials and equipment and set up at the end of this page.

We'll have a wonderful model Callum Skinner to work from (reference photo coming soon) Callum is an olympic gold medallist and I'm honoured to paint him. Inspired too, as he has those chiseled features that make for a great portrait.

Really, there's a wealth of information to pass on during the act of painting, and it's a delight knowing I'll have the opportunity to engage with you as I work. I'll explain in full the brush marks I make and will pass on ways to simplify the process so it becomes a deeply satisfying and enjoyable experience. I look forward very much to hearing from you and elaborating on this exciting process."

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Reference (Callum) <DOWNLOAD HERE>