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Workshop: Walking on Sunshine with Nisha Sehjpal

With your host John


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Join artist Nisha Sehjpal for this full length, 2-3hr workshop webinar to paint atmospheric sunflowers. ** Details below ** Broadcasting live from India on 25 May 2023, Thursday at 3:30PM. THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED


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**Recommended materials below**


Join Nisha to step into the sun to paint sunflowers in a loose, atmospheric style. You will further explore wet on wet technique and learn more about hard and soft edges and how you can use them to make your paintings more dynamic.

Reference painting

Reference photo

Recommended materials

PAPER: 300gsm CP 100% cotton

PAINTS: Watercolour – Hansa yellow light or lemon yellow, Hansa Yellow Medium, Isoindoline Yellow or New Gamboge or any warm yellow, Cadmium Orange, Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Quinacridone Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green BS, Undersea Green.

BRUSHES: Flat wash brushes in various widths, Round #8 #10, Liner

OTHER: Masking fluid or white wax crayon or candle, Natural Sponge, Magic Sponge

OPTIONAL: Water soluble pencils in Brown, Yellow, Blue. Sandpaper



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