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Workshop: Visualise MORE than Reality, with Randy Hale

With your host John


Join artist Randy Hale for this full length, 2-3hr workshop webinar to capture the grace and grandeur of a Manor House in Urchfont. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from Colorado on 13 September 2022.


**See reference photo and recommended materials below**


Join Randy as he gives you an in-depth look at how to take a more 'painterly' approach with your buildings.

Watercolour should be full of light. Surfaces and shapes ought to vary with colour shifts flowing from cools to warms. If you’d like your watercolour painting to become more impressionistic, let Randy show you a style that’s loose and fluid.

You’ll see how his pigments can be mixed and mingled right on the surface of the paper to achieve glowing results. The goal in his 2-3 hour paint-along workshop will be to get participants painting buildings loaded with character. The end result will be a visual feast, something a little beyond mundane reality.

Example painting

Reference photo


Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 300# (640 gm), 11”x15” (28x38 cm), Fabriano watercolour paper – Cold Press


Earthtones: Yellow Ochre & Raw Umber

Redtones: Quinachridone Burnt Orange, Transparent Orange, Maroon Perylene, Bright Violet

Cooltones: Winsor Blue, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue

Greentones: Golden Green, Cobalt Turquoise Light

• BRUSHES: 1” Flat Brush, Med/Sm round for blending, Med size mop

• OTHER: Water container for rinsing brushes, tissue for blotting brushes, lightweight board to fasten watercolour paper to


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