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Workshop: Sketching with Vlad Yeliseyev

Join professional artist Vlad Yeliseyev as he walks you through sketching demonstrations step-by-step. You will complete 2 sketches. See more below. Filmed live from Florida on 21st Jan 2021.


**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

Do you really think good paintings just fall from the sky? What does it take to make a leap of faith from nobody caring about your photograph to a great painting? Let’s practice your drawing and sketching skills together for a variety of subject matters. Vladislav will explain to you the nuances and danger zones in composition, proportions and perspective.

You will learn: - light distribution on the objects - all about tonal values and its importance in overall composition - how to find the areas of most interest and enhance it in your sketch - drawing and sketching techniques This workshop is designed for artists of all medium be it a watercolorist, oil painter, pastelist and more.

“I wanted to let you know that the sketching workshop was a breakthrough for me. Not that I’ve mastered sketching by any means but a light bulb went off and it was easier for me to paint along on Sunday. Please tell Vlad he is a genius. Thank you for all you do and making this available.” – Nancy J.

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Materials required:

• A sketch book or letter size white copy paper on a clipboard

• Graphite mechanical pencil (2B recommended)

• Eraser


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