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Workshop: Trees of the imagination, with Alex Tolstoy

With your host John


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Join artist Alex Tolstoy for this full length, 2-3hr workshop webinar creating a good number of paintings that capture the personality of trees. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from Virginia on 27 June 2023


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**Recommended materials below**


Join Alex Tolstoy to learn to paint trees with personality.

Many can paint what is obviously there: branches, leaves, details etc. but how about the quiet joy or mystery or majesty of a tree?

What will be painted with Alex are the simplified, usually abstract impressions of trees, showing a variety of shapes, moods, and groupings.

Reference paintings - 3 of the below will definitely be painted during the workshop, then more if time allows.

Recommended materials

PAPER: Arches rough 140 lb natural white

PAINTS: Watercolours - oranges and reds, browns (sepia), indigo, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, quinacridone gold, neutral tint, greens, blues, and anything else one can think of!

All colours welcome.

INKS: Sepia (FW) + walnut + fountain pen

BRUSHES: 8 and 10 point rounds, mop, rigger (Black Velvet and Escoda brands are great)

OTHER: White gouache, paper towels & Q-tips, old paper to tear into strips, palette knife



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