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Workshop: The Turtle with Susan Clare

With your host John

Join watercolour artist Susan Clare for this 2-3hr workshop webinar to paint a beautiful turtle scene ** Details below ** Broadcasting live from the heart of 🇯🇲 Jamaica on 7 April 2022, Thursday at 3:30PM (UK time). Please make a note in your diary.


Once purchased, the relevant downloadable reference pictures and Zoom link will be sent to the day before the event. If you are an SKA Patron (level 2 and up), you do not need to purchase the recording. It is included when you book the live event ticket.


NOTE: When attending the live event, your video and microphone are deactivated by default. You can however speak to the artist should you wish. You will also get the opportunity of sharing your completed painting(s) with the artist during and after the event (or after watching the recording), for comments and feedback.


Share your art and feedback here >

(link coming on day of event)


**See reference photo, sketch and recommended materials below**


Join Susan to paint this delightful turtle and learn how light behaves underwater by deploying an easy, wet-in-wet underwater background with scratching. Susan will show you how to check proportions with dynamic lines and will discuss the use of masking fluid – where is it really needed? You will finish with a harmonising painting using only a limited palette (4 colours).

Example painting 1

Example painting 2

Reference photo

Ref photo courtesy of ©Josh Witzmann

Value sketch

Tonal study

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 1 pc 9”x12” (22x30cm) approx. watercolour paper, Cold pressed surface, 300 gsm or heavier (tape down loose sheet onto a board, unless using heavyweight paper or a block)

Pencil, eraser, sketchbook

• PAINTS: Tube watercolours in these four colours, or similar: Quinacridone Gold, P. Alizarin Crimson, , Phthalocyanine Blue (Intense Blue), Burnt Sienna (or Burnt Umber)

• BRUSHES: Brushes: 1” flat or wash brush, 3 rounds between size 8 – 16 (a quill if possible), 1 small round 4-6

• OTHER: Pencil, eraser, sketchbook, water pot, palette, paper towel


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