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Workshop: The Essence of Old Towns

Join professional artist Vladislav Yeliseyev from Florida for a 3 hour workshop webinar. Filmed live on 17th December, 2020.


**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

In this workshop, you will learn how to quickly capture the essence of the scenery with dynamic and powerful impressionistic approach.

You are going to practice how to mix and apply watercolours without fear of being inaccurate, developed specifically by Vlad for his students. Vlad will show you the shortcuts to the path when every brushstroke applied is significant in its impact on the viewer. He will show you importance of focal target and therefore how to be selective in your painting process.

Every painting is like a poetry, the less words wasted the more powerful message it conveys. On the technical side of things, you will discover the major steps involved in achieving powerful results and specifics of the watercolour process where discipline is required and where it is better to give it up and flow with your inspiration.

Among others, the rules of composition, dynamic movement and focal point will be also addressed in depth.



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Recommended materials required:

Graphite pencils 2B, 4B; eraser; pencil sharpener.

Mechanical pencils 0.7 leads HB and 2B

Watercolour paints – recommended colours: Opaque White, cad yellow, yellow ochre light, gold ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, van dyke brown, sepia, indigo, ultramarine, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, cobalt turquoise, dioxazine violet, alizarin crimson, cadmium red.  Right now my palette consist of mix of Holbein, Daniel Smith, Lucas and Schmincke watercolours.

Watercolour paper half sheet, or block approx.  Size 15” x 20”.  I recommend Saunders Waterford or Hahnemuhle 90lb, 140lb or 300lb ROUGH – important!!!

Brushes of your choice:

  • I suggest having at least three sizes watercolour brushes: No 8 to 14 (all round) and sword brush. Yeliseyev Signature SWORD brush and set of  3 brushes handmade in England by Rosemary&Co is available for purchase online.

  • Oil Brushes: short flat No12, long flat No7

  • Kalinsky Brushes No 12 and 16

Water and water containers.

Spray bottle – small with fine mist.

Artist’s tape or masking tape.

Drawing board or “plexi-glass” sized slightly bigger than your watercolour paper (if you are using watercolour paper in sheets)

Paint palette 10” x 12” or bigger with at least three separate flat mixing areas.

Paper towels and trash bag.

Hair dryer

Sketch book or pad, size up to 8”x 11”


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