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Workshop: Textures that come alive with Rajat S Bandopadhyay

With your host John

At 3:30PM (UK time) on Tuesday 23rd November join watercolour artist Rajat S Bandopadhyay for this in-depth look at painting 'Textures That Come Alive'. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from India.


(link + downloadable reference photos sent day before event)


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Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials


You will explore textures in this workshop where you will look at how they can come alive. Among other things, you will look at drawing, composition, increasing tenacity, colour balance, adding value and aesthetics.

**Patrons get the full video for free**

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Painting examples

Photo reference for workshop

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Baohong 300 gsm paper, natural white texture, 510x360 cm size

• PAINTS: Daniel Smith Extra fine watercolour sticks Quinacridone sienna Hansa yellow deep Permanent alizarin crimson Lunar black Graphite gray Raw sienna Nickel azo yellow Hematite genuine

Cerulean blue chromium

Indanthrone blue

Piemontite genuine

Hansa yellow medium

• BRUSHES: DaVinci Brushes - Dartana Spin numbers 9,7 / Maestro Kolinsky number 6 / and few more brushes from same brand


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