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Workshop: Texan Colour Harmonies with Francesco Fontana

With your host John


Join art supremo Francesco Fontana for this 2-3hr workshop webinar, using a monochrome Texas truck value study reference to then paint one or more paintings in colour with different colour harmonies. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from Italy on 4 Aug 2022.


**See reference photo, sketch and recommended materials below**


This workshop will cover the colour world - from a very limited palette to creative colourfulness! The subject will be city and landscape, using a small 'Texas truck' study reference as a starting point. We will consolidate the known and explore the unknown!

You will learn:

  • Value structure with monochrome studies to create light magic and illusion.

  • Basic colour theory. How to analyse the colour family in the reference pic. How to mix local colours

  • How to create colour interpretation, and your own arrangement with creative colour schemes.

Beginners and intermediates will see watercolour techniques and expressions from a new angle. Get ready!

Ref study (our starting point)

1st colour study/challenge (unlimited palette):

2nd colour study/challenge (limited palette):

Materials Top-Up

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I assume you're not an absolute beginner, so you're welcome to use your typical gear. My suggestion would be as follows:

Paper — I use Hahnemuhle Watercolour cold pressed fine grain 140 lbs. Glued pads minimum size 9,4 x 12,6 inch, plus 1 lose sheet of imperial size (22 x 30 inches) to be cut. Alternatively 2 loose sheets all in all. Any pro brand of 100% cotton paper is welcome.

Board — A stretching board for 1/4 loose sheets, 12 x 16 inch will do.

Brushes — Flat and pointed are a must. Mops, mottler and angular help too. Hair might range from squirrel, to Kolinsky sable, to synthetic, as long as they have a good spring. My fave brands include Princeton, Rosemary & Co and Borciani Bonazzi. Use your own set but make sure you have mid to large sizes.

Paint — I use tubes by Daniel Smith Extrafine Watercolor. You can use your typical brand as long as are artist grade. More pigment concentration, less paint waste. You rather reduce colour selection than quality. Basically you want to have in the order: primaries, secondaries and earth colours. Colours I mostly use:

Hansa Yellow Medium

New Camboge

Quinacridone Gold

Quinacridone Siena

Quin Burnt Orange

Alazarin Crimson

Permanent Red Deep

Imperial Purple

Indanthrone Blue

French Ultramarine

Phtalo Blue GS

Green Gold

Ultramarine Turquoise


Chinese White


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