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Workshop: Stingrays with Renato Palmuti

With your host John


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Join Brazilian artist Renato Palmuti for this full length, 2-3hr workshop webinar to capture a serene underwater stingray scene. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from Brazil on 28 February 2023.


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**Recommended materials below**


Join Renato to explore composition, tonal perspectives, planes, expressions and colour harmony in this unique stingray workshop.

The painting process will include colour selection for the painting with the first layer preserving lights and giving mood to the scene, the second layer defining the main shapes and planes and a final layer for details and contrast.

Reference painting

Reference photo

Workshop Painting

Recommended materials

PAPER: Watercolour paper cotton 300gr. (A4 format)

PAINTS: Watercolour paints - cerulean blue / magenta / burnt siena / turquoise / raw siena /payne’s gray

BRUSHES: Watercolour brushes ( a mop brush or eastern brush, a synthetic flat and a small synthetic round )

OTHER: A hard board for fixing the paper if it is not a block / tape / graphite pencil 4B or 2B / soft eraser / sponge or tissues to balance the amount of water in the brush / water


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Mar 19, 2023

Truly great experience to capture an underwater scene of manta rays. Loved the light and atmosphere. Renato is such a great tutor.

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