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Workshop: Still Life Florals with Iris Babao Uy

Join artist Iris Babao Uy to create a floral painting with a soft and dreamy look. Filmed live from the Philippines on 23rd Feb 2021.


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See Reference photo and recommended materials below.

Learn and apply the concept of lost and found edges, atmospheric backgrounds, and achieve the look of luminous and soft lighting. Participants will see the entire painting process from start to finish with clear guidelines and tips on how to practice and achieve the techniques.

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See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Photo reference:

Pencil outline:

Prepare your paper (optional)

Example painting:

Recommended materials list

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• Paper: 14 x 20 inches 100% Cold Press Watercolour Sheets - for example Arches, Saunders, Baohong

• Watercolour Brushes (Natural Hair or a good synthetic substitute) 1 inch flat brush, 1/2 flat brush, round brush with a good pointed tip size 8 and 10, Chinese brush if available (more stiff hair)


Board (to place stretched watercolor sheet),

masking or craft tape for securing paper,

tissue paper,

water bucket

heat gun or blow dryer,

masking fluid

melamine sponge (small pieces) or any absorbent foam

pencil, ruler and kneadable eraser

Ceramic mixing plate or Enamel mixing plate (not plastic)

• Recommended Paint Palette:

Cadmium Yellow Deep (M. Graham)

Cadmium Red Light (Daniel Smith)

Quinacridone Rose (Daniel Smith)

Quinacridone Violet (M. Graham)

Prussian Blue (Daniel Smith)

Sap Green (M. Graham)

Quinacridone Burnt Sienna (Daniel Smith)

Raw Umber (Daniel Smith)

Shadow Violet (Daniel Smith)

Payne's Gray (Daniel Smith)


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