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Workshop Special: En Plein Air in Cortona, with Keiko Tanabe

With your host John


We are delighted to welcome back renowned artist Keiko Tanabe for this full length, 2-3hr plein air workshop webinar to capture the beauty of Cortona, Italy. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from Italy on 23 September 2022.

Thanks to Hotel San Luca in Cortona for hosting this workshop.


**See reference photo and recommended materials below**


In this workshop, Keiko will take you to a hilltop village in Italy and paint a lovely view en plein air. Painting plein air is a very rewarding experience to learn/relearn the fundamentals of painting and an excellent opportunity to observe and understand how the light affects what we see.

Keiko will demonstrate how she decides a composition and builds a painting that is compelling and full of life that tells a story. Through her narrative, you will learn tips about how to do a plein-air painting and how it may be different from working in the studio.

In addition to John hosting the show and ensuring all questions are answered, SKA will also have their co-host Hazel in Italy alongside Keiko. We have already tested out the wi-fi signal which is strong, so the picture quality will be excellent.

In addition to creating a fantastic painting, our intention is to provide an experience that makes you feel as close to being there in person - without physically travelling to Italy.

Reference photo shared during live event

Building close-up

Workshop painting

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: Rough or cold-pressed; 140Lb (300gm) or heavier such as Fabriano Artistico, Arches and Saunders/Waterford. Size: 12” x 16” or half sheet

• PAINTS: Watercolours - cobalt blue, phthalo blue, alizarin crimson, orange, cadmium red, burnt sienna, raw sienna, quinacridone gold, lemon yellow, Dioxazine purple, viridian, turquoise green (from Sennelier). Students can bring their own favourites, too.

• BRUSHES: Large brushes for a wash such as Raphael Softaqua (#6 or 8), Isabey natural hair mop (#8) and Escoda Ultimo (#18 or 20). Medium-sized rounds (#12 or similar) such as Raphael kolinsky 8494, Escoda Ultimo and Escoda Versatil. Brushes for details such as Raphael Precision and Escoda Perla (up to #14). Othersl: liner, rigger, dagger, flat (hake), Oriental brush, etc.


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