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Workshop: Solitary Fox with Carne Griffiths

With your host John


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Join professional painter and illustrator Carne Griffiths to paint a solitary fox in an art workshop spanning over 2 hours. ** Details below ** Broadcast live on 5th May 2022.


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**Recommended materials below**


Carne will first help you create a simple pencil drawing, talking about how to work out the proportions and some simple tracing tips if you are not confident with the drawing stage.

Next you will boil the kettle and brew up some tea to create a lovely ochre base colour for the painting. Following this Carne will show you how little splashes of ink and dabbing with a tissue can help you create the dark and light areas.

Finally you will finish off again with some finer ink details to complete an amazing painting.

Reference photos (Carne uses the first one, but you can select an alternative if desired):

Additional reference 1 (optional):

Additional reference 2 (optional):

Workshop painting


• Brown Yellow and Red ink (preferably writing ink, either pelican, waterman or herbin) - you can also use watercolour

• Some tea - Carne likes Tetley!

• A kettle

• Pencil - dark pencil 5B

• Watercolour paper - A3 size or larger. If possible, the heavier the better and with a nice rough texture. Carne uses bockingford 535gsm CP (NOT) but any will do

• Some brushes to flick paint and make gestural marks



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