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Workshop: San Angelo Bridge, Rome, with Pablo Rubén

Join watercolour artist Pablo for this detailed look at painting The San Angelo Bridge in Rome. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from Madrid, Spain on 27th May 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

In this fascinating workshop, Pablo will teach you how to simplify a complex urban-scape with architecture and water reflections and how, by working with several layers to achieve different planes, you can capture the mood of the scene.

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Workshop painting

Reference Photo for workshop

Reference sketch

Materials Top-Up

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100% cotton paper, 140lbs, and rough surface. Arches and Saunders Waterford are the most advisable. With 2 full sheets of paper is enough.

• PAINTS: Daniel smith watercolour. Preferably in tube

Lavender, Ultramarine Blue, Indigo, Cerulean Blue Chromium, Phtalo Green Blue Shade, Sepia, Pirrol Red, Opera Pink, Transparent Red Oxide, Hansa Yellow Medium, Titanium White and Perylene Violet. Every similar colour to these ones is welcome.

• BRUSHES 1 “Petit gris type” brush (medium) Pablo uses Escoda Ultimo brush numbrer 14 1 pointed synthetic brushe (medium) Pablo uses Escoda Perla number 14, 1 “Hake” brush, Pablo uses Escoda Ultimo flat brush number 15 1 rigger brush, Pablo uses Ecoda Versatil number 6

• OTHER: Watercolour palette, Pablo uses a metallic one, tape, board to fix the paper, spray, little water container, pencil, rule.


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