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Workshop Roundtable - Meet the Artists!


With your host John

A roundtable event is a webinar, usually held on the first Wednesday of each month. It is free for all those that joined at least one, 2-3hour workshop the month before. We also invite all the professional artists to join as well.

These are private and unique events. We will not record or put up on our video library for later viewing.

A 2-3hr workshop can go by quickly. The objective of these events is to give you a bit more time to digest the workshop and ask any further questions you may have thought of after the webinar, directly to the artist. We will also review some of the paintings shared on our facebook page.

Although your attendance is optional, this event is designed to compliment the purchase of your workshop and add to your learning journey. It's also great fun!

** IF YOU BOOK A WORKSHOP, PLEASE ALSO MAKE A NOTE OF THE ROUNDTABLE DATE & TIME IN YOUR DIARY ** The invite link will be sent the day before the event.



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