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Workshop: Portrait of a Cat with Liz Chaderton

Join professional artist Liz Chaderton live from England for a 2-3 hour workshop to paint the portrait of a cat. Filmed live on 10th December 2020.


After workshop, upload your art to Facebook here >

**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

Cats have the most amazing eyes… you can see the entire universe reflected in their glassy depths.

In this relaxed 2-3 hour workshop we will once again observe and capture the beauty of one of our feline friends. Concentrating on and starting with the eye, we will then move to the fur, using wet in wet and growing washes. We will identify and use exciting colours to capture the cat's personality and finally put in those all-important whiskers.

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Recommended Materials:

  • Not watercolour paper - minimum 140lb/300gsm - approx 40x40cm

  • Large round brush (approx 14-16), medium round (approx 8), rigger (size 2)

  • Watercolours in your choice of colours. I shall be using burnt Sienna, Perylene maroon, a pink (eg opera rose, rose madder, quin rose), turquoise, phthalo blue, French ultramarine, yellow (eg quin gold, gamboge) - please feel free to substitute.

  • White gouache

  • Fine spray bottle

  • Two jars of water

  • Kitchen towel

  • Pencil and eraser. If possible sketch out your cat before the class.

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