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Workshop: Paint an Italian Coastal Village with Boats

Join professional artist Keiko Tanabe from her studio in California, USA for a 2-3hour workshop to paint an Italian coastal village with boats in Watercolour. This was recorded live on 1st Oct 2020.

Keiko demonstrates the whole process of her painting, inspired by the mood of a colourful village in Italy. She explains her unique method from start to finish with a focus on composition, colour scheme and value structure to create a painting that is full of light and atmosphere.

See Reference pictures and recommended materials below

You can watch the video of the live session by clicking the unlocked video below. If you are a member of our Patreon community at the applicable level, message us and we will unlock it for you. Alternatively, you can unlock it by purchasing it on the artists shop here:

Workshop Video (unlock via Patreon or purchase here)

(If you have paid to unlock the video but still can't see it showing, please contact us)

Might be worth having this sketched out beforehand:

Recommended Materials:

(This is just a guide)

• Paper (Arches, rough, 12" x 16")

• Watercolour paints (lemon yellow, raw sienna, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, cobalt blue, phthalo blue, sepia, turquiose, viridian)

• Brushes (one for a wash such as Escoda Versatil #16, one for details such as Escoda Perla #12, a liner or rigger)

• Small Oriental calligraphy brush


Keiko's completed workshop artwork:



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