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Workshop: 'Otterley Wonderful' with Liz Chaderton

Join animal watercolourist Liz Chaderton as she paints a wonderful portrait of a river otter. Filmed live from England on 4th February 2021.



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See Reference photo and recommended materials below.

Thankfully, these beautiful animals are making a comeback to many rivers across the UK. In this workshop you will be exploring their playful nature. Liz will teach you about colour-value swapping, using masking fluid, letting the water work for you, using cling film/saran wrap for water and other techniques which will help you in all your animal paintings.

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See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Recommended materials list:

• A piece of watercolour NOT/Cold pressed, approx 35x35cm/14x14 inches, 140lb/325gsm minimum. • Pencil, eraser • Masking fluid and something to apply it with (fine lines for whiskers) - a cotton bud with the end cut off works well • Four or five colours of your choice - study the examples and see how the colours bring the atmosphere and emotion to the painting, while the tones (light/dark) make the subject recognisable - Liz used quin gold, burnt Umber, perylene violet, opera rose and transparent grey • Two water pots and a small spray bottle • Large and medium round brush (16 and 8 approx), plus a size 2 rigger • Table salt, cling film/saran wrap

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