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Workshop: Mixed Media Magic with Brooke Richards

With your host Di


Join professional artist Brooke for this 2-3 hour mixed media workshop. Broadcast live from Georgia, United States on 25th Sept 2021.


Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials


In this workshop, students will learn how to layer a variety of media to create a mixed media work on paper. You will discuss being spontaneous in colour choices, mark making with different art media and materials, patterns, and how to layer these to create a rich and deep artwork. We will work to layer collage materials to give depth and character to your artwork.

You can print out the ink bottle images that you will be sent the day before the workshop (see examples below). These will be used as a focal point, and the printed images can be used within the piece.

Brooke is not a fan of sending a reference picture that you will copy, although you can see below an example of of a finished piece inspired by an ink bottle. She prefers providing the process and encouraging interpretation.

See workshop video summary:

See Brooke in action (and some of the layering processes you will use):

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Reference piece:

Completed workshop piece:

Ref photos for inspiration:

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

Brooke doesn't stipulate any specific colours. Use colours that reonate with you, from a palette you enjoy.

• Watercolours - I prefer pan watercolors, but you can use what you have on hand.

• Watercolour paper. Broooke will be using 5x7"

• Collage ephemera - patterned papers, painted papers, magazine images

• Glue sticks, Scissors, Gel pens, Signo white gel pen, Posca markers

Any other art materials you may have on hand that you enjoy using.

NOTE: An original piece of art from Brooke will be sent to you on email, for printing before the class. She will be incorporating this into the composition, and you can do so too, or alternatively make use of a small piece you have created yourself.

Other example's of Brooke's work...


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