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Workshop: Mad March Hares with Liz Chaderton

Join popular animal artist Liz Chaderton with another exciting 2-3 hour workshop with a nod to Easter! Filmed live from England on 30 March 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

March is here and the hares are a-boxing…. if you are lucky enough to see them. Liz will teach you how to capture the movement and energy of a pair of hares in loose watercolour. These are wonderful wild animals, so we want them to explode off our paper!

Reference photos are provided with huge thanks to Nick Edwards of Do look at his website for fantastic photos, including many hares, from the Isle of Wight.

You will learn to combine photographic reference to get the composition you want, as it is very unlikely the hares will stay still long enough! You will alter the angle of the hares and their ears to create just the dynamic you want. Once the composition is mastered you will learn about painting eyes to give a real focus and using lost and found edges to create a sense of movement and energy. Liz will teach you about colour swapping and mixing to bring emotion into your artwork and probably include a bit of salt texture and spatter. It should be fun!

A couple of wonderful reference photos attached can be combined and Liz has suggested a composition however if you want to, please choose a different composition to really make the painting truly your own.

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Example paintings

Ref photos:

Ref line sketch

Recommended materials list

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• A large piece of watercolour paper - Liz suggests at least a half sheet of paper, as it is very difficult to paint in a loose energetic way on a smaller size. 140lb/300gsm minimum, NOT/cold pressed surface. If you like working on a rough surface you could do so, as this will add another layer of texture to your hares. • Colours of your choice – see examples for ideas. White gouache Blue hares – phthalo blue, perylene green, burnt Umber, burnt Sienna, transparent grey Brown hares – burnt Sienna, burnt Umber, diox purple, sap green, sepia • Masking fluid and something to apply it with • Brushes – large round (14/16), small round (8), rigger (2) • Spray bottle, water, kitchen towel, salt, pencil eraser


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