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Workshop: Loose Dahlia Bouquet with Megha Kapoor

With your host Nisha

Join watercolour artist Megha for this relaxing and informative look at painting a loose dahlia bouquet . A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from India on 14 October, 2021.


Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials


Megha will commence by showing you how to compose your painting, creating your focal point and its importance. You will cover the colour theory, effect of light on colours, concept of warm and cool colours, how to use the colour wheel to make different colour schemes and all about the colour values.

You will also look at loose, soft and hard edges and learn the concepts of watercolour playing with wet in wet, wet on dry, dry on dry and wet on dry.

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Photo reference

Painting example ref

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Lana Aquarelle or Arches 100per cotton Rough grain



1.Alizarian Crimson /rose Madder

2. Vermillion /Scarlet

3.Opera Pink


1. Ultramarine

2. Cerelean or Cobalt


1. Yellow ochre

2. Lemon yellow

3.Yellow Deep

4. Raw Umber


1.Burnt sienna

2. Orange

Burnt Umber


Grey green / Veridian green

• BRUSHES: Mop brushes of Any brand, One Catstounge brush andan angular brush.


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