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Workshop: Light & Shade through Autumn Woodland Trees

Join UK Nitram charcoal Ambassador Robert Dutton filmed live from his studio in North Yorkshire on 10th November 2020.

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In this exciting 2-3 hour workshop, Robert will help you to draw and paint with charcoal one of his favourite subjects - light and shadow through the magic of woodland trees.

**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

You will learn the importance of both positive shapes and negative spaces in the woodland landscape as you paint and draw with expression using the exciting media of liquid and soft Nitram charcoal at the same time. Combining both innovative products with Robert, you will learn how free moving and expressive line with charcoal work beautifully with your painted charcoal marks to build in layers and exciting expressive tonal drawing with a real difference!

As Robert describes: “This is a special time of the year - the trees begin to ‘open up’ as Autumn begins and those full Summer foliage canopies begin to relinquish and let more light through each and every mixed and deciduous woodland. The axis of the sun begins to tilt and shadows become longer and the light altogether a little softer - lots to inspire the artist, especially one who likes to draw.

There is no better natural drawing material than charcoal - especially Nitram. Within the range, there are many new and innovative products created by Nitram to use that help express your creative ideas in really exciting ways. The more you use Nitram and discover the exciting possibilities you create, the more you want to do.”

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Materials required:

• Canson 300gsm (140lb) Moulin du Roy ‘Not’ 100% cotton rag watercolour paper paper (or similar). Heavier weight ‘Not’ watercolour papers acceptable, lighter weight will need stretching before the Masterclass and be completely dry before you start.

• Spritzer (water spray/difuser) bottle.

• Nitram Assorted Charcoal Pack (Search Nitram)

• Eraser

• Brushes - large watercolour mops, large flat 1.5 - 2 inch flat chisel brushes, large (Pro Arte  have some great Series 101 and 100 brushes to choose from. Large Chinese brushes, large Pro Arte Swordline, Riggers or similar large long hair brushes.

• Water pots and wells for mixing your charcoal

• Unison Colour and Rembrandt White pastels - or similar.

• Tissues or kitchen roll

Note: The complexity of the woodland scene will be simplified - It is not necessary to create every single twig and blade of grass. We will create a sense of place whilst still expressing the beautiful ambience of the peaceful woodland with the main shapes expressively drawing in place, the direction of light and embellish somewhat the overall scene with artistic license to create a harmonious beautiful tonal drawing - something to be really proud of at the end of the masterclass.


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