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Workshop: Let it go with Gourav Dutta

With your host John


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Join up & coming watercolour artist Gourav Dutta for his complete, 2-3hr workshop webinar to paint this inspiring scene 'Let it Go'. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from India on 1 February 2022.


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**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


In this workshop, follow Gourav as he paints a scene he has titled 'Let it Go'. He will guide you through each stage of the painting showing you how to make simple mathematical calculations that help in composition and also how you can take a realistic approach to your painting. He will teach you how to build and create depth using layer and how colour harmony and contrast affects the overall painting.

Example painting

Value study


Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 300 GSM , COLD PRESSED (29.7×21) sq cm, natural white, brands : Fabriano/Arches/Brustro (anyone)

• PAINTS: Watercolour tubes (preferably from Daniel Smith Artist's Materials ) :-

(Something similar from different brands can also work)

Prussian blue

Phthalo blue

Neutral tint

Ivory black

New Gamboge

Hansa Yellow Light

Pyrrol Scarlet

Quinacridone rose

Burnt sienna • BRUSHES: No. 12, 6,4,0 (Raphael softaqua) any brand of brush will do, just keep all your brushes handy, different brands make different sizes of same number. • OTHER: Masking fluid( preferably from Sennelier/Daniel Smith), a ruling pen

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