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Workshop: Hampstead Village, plein air event with Kasia Wiercinska

With your host John

Watch the intro video:

Purchase or rent the 4K video of our art workshop plein air special, with Kasia Wiercinska. We had a brilliant day touring Hampstead Village in London and picking a dream spot to paint on the high street. Watch the intro video above for more.

Kasia flew in from Norway for this 1.5hr plein air workshop, hosted by John. Two SKA artists also attended - Karen and Julie. ** Details below ** Filmed live from London on 17 May 2023.


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**See recommended materials below**

Reference photo


During this lesson, Kasia will show you how to capture the essence of your surroundings in your artwork, using techniques such as layering, blending, and creating texture.

With Kasia painting on location, she will show you how she decides on composition, and how she manages to capture complicated subjects in a few simple steps. You can use the skills when painting outdoors, or creating quick sketches.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced watercolour artist, this lesson is perfect for you. It's a fun and relaxing way to connect with nature, learn new skills, and express your creativity. So, let's grab our supplies and head outside to create some beautiful art together!

  • PAPER: 1/4 sheet (~28x38cm) of good quality paper (Arches 300gsm CP), recommend Fabriano or Canson. Any size between a4 and a3 will be the best


- Blue (Cerulean, it can be also Manganese or Cobalt)

- Green (Viridian Green, Hookers Green or Sap Green)

- Warm Yellow (Winsor Yellow, it can be Cadmium Yellow too)

- Red (Permanent Red)

- Brown (Burnt Sienna and Red Brown, it can be Burnt Umber too)

- Yellow Ochre - optional

- Dioxazine Violet - optional

- Opaque Titanium White – optional

  • BRUSHES: 1 flat brush size 25mm or similar / 3 round pointed brushes sizes 16mm, 6mm, 3mm or similar

  • OTHER:

-Palette or a standard ceramic plate to mix your colours - Painting tape – I use standard painting tape that can be bought in stores like Clas Ohlson or Biltema - Small towel or paper kitchen towel – it will be used to dry brushes when painting - Board – a little bit bigger than the size of your paper. It can be a thick cardboard or a foam board

- jar with water

**If you're joining the class on location in London, remember to take a hat / umbrella / rain jacket just in case. You can take a plein-air easel and a foldable chair if you have one.



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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A fantastic video with amazing descriptions of the drawing and painting process. I would highly recommend this video to anyone who loves the idea of painting outside but painting without the challenges of plein air painting


May 16, 2023

Really looking forward to joining you in Hampstead Heath tomorrow!

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