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Workshop: First of our ‘Go with the flow’ series of expressive paintings with Robert Dutton

In this inspiring 3hrs+ workshop with Robert Dutton will produce not one but two stunning paintings of atmospheric beach scenes as you work between them both in an exciting layering mixed media process in a mini series! With a focus on the control of loose and energetic brush strokes perfectly placed you will learn how to give the effect in both paintings the look of an effortless energetic and contemporary style. Filmed live on 9th Sept '20.

You’ll use masking techniques in a very different way in this masterclass to be ‘part of’ the painting – not the traditional sense of protecting the paper from paint! Just one of The hallmarks of Roberts innovative teaching techniques showing you how to use traditional art materials but in very different and exciting ways.

The workshop with Robert, patiently guiding you through each stage of the painting process, gives you the opportunity to loosen up, explore your ideas, work with the eye catching expressive marks you make with sumptuous layers of expressive colour and to create rewarding contemporary paintings with that ‘wow’ factor.

Once aired, you can watch the video of the live session by clicking the unlocked video below. If it isn't unlocked, you can purchase it by visiting the shop here:

See video, reference picture, materials required and paintings received below.

Workshop Video (to unlock this video, purchase here)

(If you have paid to unlock the video but still can't see it showing, please contact us)

Reference photo:

Tide in

Tide out

Materials Required:

Gouache or watercolour

Tube paints in the following colours highly recommended (or use your own favourite colours). The following are Roberts carefully selected palette, bold are essential colours:


Winsor Violet/Violet

Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Orange

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Qiunacridone Gold

Lemon Yellow


Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue

Winsor Blue

Prussian Blue



Yellow Ochre

Winsor Green

Permanent White Gouache. Essential!

Acrylic Inks (any brand) all essential


Transparent Burnt Sienna

Transparent Burnt Umber

Yellow – process or Bright

Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue or Process Cyan

Prussian Blue


Titanium White

Brilliant or bright green

Emerald Green

Deep Violet

Soft and hard pastels – highly recommended Unison Colour and Royal Talens Rembrandt pastels – your favourite colours

Large drawing board (your own choice) I shall be working 20 x 22 inches (51 x 56 cm) but you can work smaller if you wish.

A variety of different watercolour brushes to include some large ones such as sizes 24, 30 round and 1 and 2 inch ‘flats’, Swordliner (large) + your own favourites. Large Chinese brushes – essential.

An old hog brush or tooth brush for textured paint effects.

Water Spray atomiser

Several Old jam jars or similar containers (for clean water mixing)

White old ceramic plates on which to mix your paints and containers that have large wells for mixing large volumes of colour. Eg bases to plastic milk bottles (the rest of the bottle discarded), and so on.

Kitchen roll.

Bulldog clips to attach your paper to the board.

Watercolour paper 300lb 100% rag content (essential) Highly recommended Canson Heritage ‘not’ 300gsm (140lb)

You will also need a 4B graphite stick, an eraser

Hair dryer to quickly dry any wet washes.

Masking fluid. (Any brand)

Masking fluid remover block

Pastel aerosol fixative (any brand)

Low tack masking tape.

Thin A4 photocopier pap

Creative areas covered in masterclass

  • The emphasis of the masterclass will be a more in-depth creative responses to the marks made using the photographic reference as a guide only. ‘Go with the flow’ continued!

  • The ‘let go, get creative’ and have fun with all media is very much the remit of this masterclass.

  • Mixing colours clean accurate colours, applying in large volume wet in wet with dry pastel marks to emphasise the texture of the paper

  • Working between two paintings allows the creative flow to continue as masking medium dries in one, thus allowing students to learn successive techniques throughout the masterclass without any period that ‘wastes time’waiting for things to dry

  • Combining different media in exciting ways in a layering process working between inks, watercolour/gouache and dry pastel media. The masterclass shows how each become one in a balance of harmonious drawn and painted techniques in the same paintings.

  • A spirit of adventure to be the guiding emphasis of the ‘masterclass’. Two paintings simultaneously worked allows students the freedom to relax thinking they have all the emphasis on one so everyone can be more relaxed about the painting session as result.

  • 2 paintings in one class – value for money

  • Explain and demonstrate the application and use of the choice of materials every step of the way. Differences and similarities, uses and so on in selection.

  • Big brush techniques explored and how to use them effectively to express light and shade, texture and form in exciting ways.

  • Shape and form – natural forms placed correctly, in proportion to one another all within the composition to give an accurate sense of place with a loose initial drawing. A good stage to briefly explain the importance of pre planned design, composition and how to select a stronger composition from a photograph, not follow it religiously.


Paintings sent in to us:

Mind blowing speed of class but great fun. Mine aren’t much like the pictures😂🤷‍♂️.


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