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Workshop: Expressive Portraits in Ink & Tea with Carne Griffiths

Join professional artist Carne Griffiths as he walks you through painting an expressive portrait using ink and tea! Filmed live from England on 14th Jan 2021.


**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

In this workshop we will be exploring a free and expressive way of using unusual materials such as tea and calligraphy inks to build up layers of a portrait. We will be exploring how the loose approach gives energy to a piece and why sometimes being fearless with your mark making brings really great rewards.

Starting with an energetic portrait drawing session, we will begin to add liquids to the page and use staining techniques to create an earthy natural palette. This will be followed by instructions on how to create detail and tonal differences to the piece, using fountain pens and calligraphy inks whilst keeping the fresh energetic marks underneath a key feature.

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Materials required:

• A fountain pen or dip pen. • You will need non permanent calligraphy inks, such as pelican or waterman or herbin - choose a vibrant turquoise and a sepia brown at the minimum. A yellow and red would also be useful. You can also have optional colours in watercolour or non permanent ink form such as writing inks!

• A piece of heavyweight watercolour paper - ideally full imperial (approx 50 x 70cm) and stretched if you can! • A variety of teas either loose leaf or plain old tea bags, a selection of graphite pencils from 2b to 6b and an eraser.


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